Karen Sanders, President

For over 15 years, Karen Sanders has used her technology skills to help businesses thrive.
She is known for her professionalism, her personable nature, and her ability to assess and fix problems quickly.


A resident of Chicago, Karen is a passionate supporter of the small business community. She belongs to many different Chambers of Commerce in the area. She is also a member of the Professional Women's Club of Chicago, Skokie Chamber, Lincolnwood Chamber, TEN Group, TAG group, EPWNG and a board member of the Wilmette Chamber of Commerce. She is also currently enrolled in the Goldman Sach's 10,000 Small Businesses program.


Tech-savvy Karen also loves to engage her creative side.  She is a skilled photographer, her work includes interiors, events, professional headshots and kids.  In fact, clients periodically call on her to capture images of their offices or homes for business or real-estate collateral.  Samples of her work can be seen at www.significantphotos.com.


Tony Ulman, Sr. Technician

Native to Chicago's north side, Tony has been working with computers since the age of 13. Preserverance and focused attention to detail are what drives his career in cyber security, business development and information technology. Tony has been serving clients for well over 23 years, with great success in the graphics arts community. After receiving a degree in Cyber Security he has joined Sanders IT Consulting Inc. and is always looking for new ways to help our clients find peace-of-mind with technology.


Rachel Ondejko, Technician

Like most little girls in the 90's, Rachel felt her life begin when she used her mom's eBay account to purchase a GameShark for her Game Boy Color. Hacking, unlocking, jailbreaking, rooting, customizing, voiding the manufacturer's warranty, whatever you call it - Rachel loves doing it. No electronic device is safe from her curiosity. Her quest to solve technological puzzles (and create new ones in their place) is what landed her at Sanders IT. Prior to convincing Karen to pay her to do what she loves, Rachel worked in the pet care industry. Ask her about your dog's dental care!



Julie Anne Nitz-Weiss, Director of Operations

Julie Anne’s technology experience began in a data center and expanded to include mac computers, web design, and cloud based services. She is known for her professionalism, customer service, friendly behavior and can-do attitude.

Julie Anne’s background includes a wealth of experience; administration, event planning, community relations, board development, project management, data base management,  and… even storytelling.  With her Masters in Information Science, she brings a high level of research to the Sanders IT Consulting Team.

Work/life balance is important to the team and Julie Anne spends her off time indulging her love of growing plants. She is an active volunteer with The Global Garden Refugee Training Farm, a local farm in the heart of Albany Park. She has extensive hobbies which include gardening, cooking, dancing, folk fests, and hiking.






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